• The Government has made clear that Parliament will get a vote on the final deal reached with the EU (Telegraph, November 2017, link).
  • MPs who still refuse to accept the referendum result should not use this vote to overturn the wishes of 17.4 million people.
  • Let’s not forget, those arguing that this vote does not respect the sovereignty of parliament campaigned during the referendum to keep the EU in control of our laws, borders, money and trade. Their sudden demand for parliamentary sovereignty is welcome, but is clearly motivated by the intention to derail Brexit.
  • Parliament voted overwhelmingly to trigger Article 50, with the full knowledge of the two-year time limit. Calls to extend this if a deal is rejected are fanciful.
  • There will be ample opportunity to scrutinise the Government’s negotiation strategy over the coming months. MPs should focus on getting the best deal for Britain, not seeking to undermine talks at every turn.

MPs should not obstruct the Repeal Bill

  • The Repeal Bill comes before Parliament today for votes on amendments. It is important that MPs do not use this as an opportunity to derail Brexit.
  • This Bill is essential to avoid legal chaos after we leave the EU, therefore MPs should not use it as a chance to play games.
  • Whilst there may be a case for certain aspects of the Bill to be amended, parliamentarians must ensure that these amendments respect the referendum mandate of taking back control of our laws, borders, money and trade.
  • MPs should concentrate on making a success of Brexit instead of using parliamentary procedure to obstruct it.

Calls for more money shows we are right to leave

  • European Parliament president Antonio Tajani has called for Brussels to get tax raising powers to double its long-term budget to £249 billion (Express, November 2017, link).
  • One of the main reasons people voted to leave was due to the billions of pounds we send to Brussels every year. The public will be rightly outraged that eurocrats are considering doubling the EU budget to this eye-watering sum.
  • Our money should be spend on our priorities such as the NHS, not at the whim of Brussels officials.

Good economic news

  • Ikea UK’s sales climbed 5.8% to £1.8bn in the year to August 31, 2017. Country head Gillian Drakeford said ‘We have ambitious expansion plans for the UK’. with planned store openings in Exeter and Greenwich over the next year (Retail Week, November 2017, link).
  • The UK’s trade negotiators met with their US counterparts yesterday for the first time. It is right that the UK explores new trade opportunities as soon as possible, and that we do not wait for the EU’s go-ahead, as this will cost us time and money (Sun, November 2017, link).
  • It is encouraging to hear that 85% of landlords are undeterred by Brexit, according to the third annual Landlord Voice Survey from Simple Landlords Insurance. Just 8% said they would postpone expanding their property portfolios because of Brexit, fewer than in 2016 (Property Wire, November 2017, link).
  • Demand for property in London from both international and domestic investors has grown once again, with demand in the third quarter of this year reaching its highest levels of 2017 (Property Wire, November 2017, link).